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  • Marketing Communication & Public Relations Manager

  • Bidang Marketing • Tipe Magang • Sistem Kerja Jarak Jauh
  • Building Brand and Property Awareness to Drive Revenue

    • Works collaboratively with local, regional and national resources to build awareness and increase exposure for the property and restaurants.
    • Solicits new media outlets and travel media individuals.
    • Selects the best opportunities for the property based on market conditions and property needs.
    • Uses creative selling abilities to obtain maximum exposure through travel journalists and media outlets.
    • Increases awareness within the travel media community as well as coordinating events to gain exposures and grow revenue in the restaurant outlets.
    • Supports the hotel’s social media efforts, if applicable.
    • Works with online media outlets to promote the hotel.
    • Coordinates offers and information for all publications and inserts with regard to brand loyalty reward mailings.
    • Develops brochure and property collateral materials.
    • Participates in all property imaging work (e.g., signage).
    • Ensures consistent brand and property message is communicated in all public relations and communications efforts.

    Building Successful Relationships

    • Builds and strengthens relationships with existing and new travel writers and local media to ensure future exposure. Activities include calls, entertainment, FAM trips, trade shows, etc.
    • Develops relationships within community to strengthen and expand customer base for sales opportunities and additional revenue.
    • Conducts solicitation and maintenance calls to media.
    • Identifies and communicates with distribution channels that can sell distress inventory to drive property occupancy.
    • Provides all communications channels with creative and unique tools to assist in the public relations and communications of the property.
    • Assists property in developing promotions for various campaigns.

    Coordinating Communication Efforts

    • Provides accurate, complete and effective communications to visiting journalists, publicity or promotions.
    • Evaluates new public relations opportunities for the property.
    • Develops strategic public relations plan for property, includes group, leisure and local efforts.
    • Assists in managing individual and group media visits.
    • Coordinates community service activities in concert with the public image and needs of the resort.
    • Assists in creative print fulfillment; ensures corporate branding standards and legal compliances are met and incorporated into collateral.
    • Supports hotel press releases and other content for print media and electronic media.

    Providing Exceptional Customer Service

    • Sets a positive example for guest relations.
    • Interacts with guests to obtain feedback on product quality and service levels; effectively responds to and handles guest problems and complaints.
    • Observes service behaviors of employees and provides feedback to individuals and/or managers; continuously strives to improve service performance.
    • Conducts site inspections with visiting journalists.

    Additional Responsibilities

    • Keeps detailed files and records on all matters relative to property's public materials.
    • Ensures that property is following all corporate public relations guidelines.